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Usability & UX quiz

Test your knowledge!

Hint: The options in italics are definitely incorrect!

1. When during product development is it best to start obtaining user input?
Requirements definition

2. When testing designs with users, who should you use?
Family and friends
The most critical users
Typical users
The family cat

3. Which three measures are needed to establish how usable a product is?
Product Responsiveness, Stability and Consistency
User Effectiveness, Efficiency and Satisfaction
Style guide conformance, Fault tolerance, Size of manual
User Happiness, Competence, Motivation
Price, Colour, Size

4. What is most important when developing easy-to-use products?
Understanding the users and their tasks
Following the style guide
Making interfaces as consistent as possible
Using object-oriented development tools
Using a hammer

5. Which of the following is most important in user-centred design?
An object-oriented development process
Iterative design and user testing
Regular design demonstrations
Including every function each user wants
Shouting at the user