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How bad can bad usability be?

By Richard Whitehand, November 2001

Several years ago a short video clip of an office worker using a computer began to spread around the Internet via email. The popularity of this video clip can only be put down to the fact that it strikes a cord with all too many computer users around the world who are frustrated by their computer systems...

The video showed a man using a computer and becoming ever more annoyed with it - one can only assume that the program was not working in the way he wanted or expected it to. Most people have probably sworn at their computer on occasions, or possibly even hit them, however this computer user eventually resorts to the ultimate revenge...

Badday Video Clip
"Bad day" video - approx 400k

Of course things should never get to this stage, though the daily frustration and stress caused by computer software that has not been designed with user needs in mind is a very real problem.

Original article from The Wall Street Journal (June 1998)

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