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We give seminars/courses in usability and user- centered design. Learn about integrating usability and user experience work into projects, key issues in user interface design, as well as practical tools and methods.

Discover how you can make it easier to use!

  • Creating interface designs that are easy to use requires a structured approach to user-centred activities during the development process.
  • Discover how to integrate appropriate activities into your design and development work.
  • Learn about effective tools and methods for efficiently improving your user interface designs.
  • Better address your user needs, focus your design effort, improve product quality and rise above your competitors.

What we offer

User-centred design process
A central concept is that of user-centred design, as illustrated below (from ISO 9241-210 - "Human-centred design for interactive systems"). This process provides a structure to many of our seminars/courses, around which domain-specific tools/methods and design examples can be discussed.

Usability Partners provides a range of usability and user-centred design seminars, workshops and courses. These can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of a specific organisation. They can vary in length from several hours to several days, depending upon the depth to which the subject matter is explored.

Titles include

  • "Introduction to usability & user-centred design"
  • "User interface design for ease of use"
  • "Creating web sites that work for users"
  • "Usability testing and evaluation techniques"

Longer seminars and courses include practical exercises and 'hands-on' activities, which are well suited to designers and developers. Shorter seminars are more appropriate for project managers and key decision-makers.

Contents include

Courses material
Material is illustrated with examples and case studies to effectively convey knowledge from our consulting experience
  • Rationale and key concepts in usability/user-centred design
  • Practical approaches to dealing with usability issues
  • Important factors and requirements in assuring ease of use
  • Information about appropriate tools and methods, including how and when they can be utilised in the development process
  • Illustrated examples of good and bad design
  • Case studies showing how usability activities can be integrated into development projects, and the resulting benefits
  • Information about relevant international standards and guidelines
  • Short interactive exercises which participants carry out in groups

Seminars and courses are taught by consultants who have worked with usability and user-centred design in a variety of projects over many years.

Example clients

  • Ability Partner, Cap Gemini, Ericsson, Framsteg, IIR Utbilding, IKEA, SEB, Swedbank, ...

More information

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