Usability lab

Our facilities in brief

  • 2 well-equipped usability labs situated in central Stockholm
  • 2 mobile/field labs
  • High resolution digital recordings
  • Simultaneous translation possible (Swedish-English)
  • Eye-tracker (several options)
  • Streaming (several options)
  • Fully air conditioned
  • Refreshments provided for observers as well as test participants (lunch/dinner can be organized)

Our modern usability lab suite was designed and built in 2018, based on our specifications when we moved into our new office. The labs are equipped with software and hardware solutions for supporting usability & UX testing of web sites, paper prototypes, mobile applications, computer software, smart TV apps and consumer products.

Eye tracking studies can also be conducted, and our larger lab is also suitable for workshops, focus groups, and similar types of user-centred design and research activities. All studies can be followed in detail from the observation room through the one-way glass as well as via high resolution video, computer, and audio connections (remote observation is also possible through video streaming solutions).

Portable usability labs

Fixed usability labs can, in certain projects, be difficult to adapt to the real usage situation. In some cases tests may need to be conducted in other locations, or at a client location outside Stockholm (in order enable development project members to easily participate and observe tests).

Our portable labs can in principle be set up anywhere. This enables tests to be conducted ’in the field’, in a client’s offices, or ’on the move’ (we’ve even used our portable lab in a truck!).

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