Accessibility testing

Is your website accessible for all your target users, regardless of age or disability? Are you complying with applicable legal requirements on accessibility?

Unlike an interface's usability, accessibility is primarily concerned with the design of the underlying code. We cooperate with experienced independent accessibility specialists to offer accessibility testing services either in conjunction with usability testing, or separately.

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has developed guidelines which form the basis of assessing the accessibility of web sites. They have also written guidelines for use in the assessment of software, "rich media" productions, publishing tools, etc. (In practise these guidelines are often used together with ISO 9241-171: Guidance on software accessibility).

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For authorities and services important to society, digital accessibility on the web has been a legal requirement for some time. The Swedish Accessibility of Digital Public Services Act (the 'DOS' law, the acronym often used in Sweden) is based on the EU's Web Accessibility Directive.

The European Accessibility Act applies also to the private sector as of June 2025. This places greater demands on a wide range of companies to ensure that their websites, products and services meet EU accessibility requirements. It does not single out individual types of actors, but products and services.

Types of accessibility test

1. Accessibility audit

An accessibility audit is an expert-based assessment. Our specialist assesses how well the website, program or application follows relevant guidelines. It usually includes a series of typical pages or interface dialogues, source code and eventual supporting media (e.g. PDFs).

2. Accessibility evaluation

An accessibility evaluation is more extensive and can include user-based testing with participants using different types of assistive technology.

Technical guidelines are good, but testing with people who have different types of special needs always gives valuable insights. We test with end users to ensure that the design of your web site or application is inclusive and to gather feedback based on users' real experiences.

What will an accessibility test give you?

An audit or evaluation checks and pinpoints problems with a product. The exact scope and limitations of an audit or evaluation are always agreed in consultation with the client.

You receive a report setting out the problems found, with short descriptions of their consequences for different user groups, organised by their character or technical nature. The report also contains advice and recommendations for actions to take to improve accessibility and conform with the guidelines. The result can also be used as input to documentation, training or support planning.

Our accessibility analysis can help you achieve your goals, whether it be to follow the W3C guidelines, those of the Swedish 'E-delegation', or your own internal guidelines.

Other accessibility services

We can also help you to specify accessibility requirements before technical development begins, lead seminars and short courses (including tailor-made courses), as well as carry out impact assessments. These can be adapted to suit procurers, project managers or developers, according to your needs. In addition we can offer practical 'hands on' support for designers and programmers.