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Project information

  • Services: User based testing
  • Client: Avtalat
  • Project date: 2019 - 2022

Project in brief

The ambition is for everyone to understand and appreciate pensions and insurance through work, even before they are needed.


Do you know what pension and insurance benefits you are entitled to through your work?

Avtalat was formed by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, LO and PTK and in 2021 they launched the Avtalat.se website. This offered comprehensive information and guidance on these issues for both employees and employers at Swedish companies with collective agreements.

Before Avtalat launched the first version of their site, Usability Partners as engaged to support the development work of the site by performing iterative user tests on high-fidelity prototypes. Since then, we have had an agreement where we have provided ongoing support with UX research in the continued development of the site.

Our work

Through the variety of user studies we have carried out in collaboration with Avtalat, we have gained greater insight into the extensive and complex nature of collective agreements. The benefits of these agreements are not generally well known and one of the primary goals of the new Avtalat.se website is to address this by providing information in a readily accessibile and more easily digestable format. Our user studies have therefore focused on evaluating just these aspects.

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To ensure that all users could easily navigate and find information on the site, representive samples of test participants (both employers and employees) was recruited. The test sessions included elaborated questions and scenarios to put the test participants in realistic situations, thus obtaining genuine output. Usability Partners has been able to provide Avatalat with a wide variety of feedback to help improve the site as well as insights to aid future development.

"The result is a finished Windows-based system that is currently used by nurses around the country and has been well received by the nurses who work with it."

Product owner, Avtalat

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